Clinical Data

Determination of the Efficacy of the Agera Skin Care System


The AGERA Skincare System was tested in a six month study. Subjects were instructed to use the AGERA products as per the test regimen. All subjects had a dermal examination and signed a medical history at the start of the study.

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Clinical Study Results


The AGERA Skincare System was evaluated using three criteria:


    Photographs were taken of the subjects’ faces at the beginning of the study and once every four weeks after the subjects started the AGERA regimen. The photographs have offered visual evidence of the skin. Figure 1 shows the Before and After 6 month AGERA use photographs of subject #10.
    In these photographs several improvements can be noted.

    • Improved Skin Color
    • Evening out of Skin Tone
    • Lifting of jowls and cheeks
    • Decrease in Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    Imprints of the outer corners of the subjects’ eyes were taken at the beginning of the study and once every four weeks after the subjects started the AGERA regimen. Table 2 lists the results of evaluations of these latex impressions. Photographs of the latex impressions of 3 Before and After series are described in Figure 2. The decrease in the number of fine lines and a softening of the deeper wrinkles is evident in the after latex imprint.


    Evaluations of the subjects’ skin tone, color , smoothness, disappearance of facial lines and facial the dominant clinical results that were observed after each thirty day period. Each subject was asked to comment at day 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180. The subjects’ comments were tabulated. In general, all subjects noted that they enjoyed the AGERA Skincare System. They loved the regiment and all commented on some form of improvement during the period of the study.

Clinical Data

Concluding Remarks

  • 30 DAYS

Smoother Skin
Improved Skin Color
Better Skin Tone

  • 60 DAYS

Smoother Skin
Softening of fine facial lines

  • 90 DAYS

Subjects enjoy routine of regimen
Continued improvement in skin tone and texture

  • 120 DAYS

Further softening in deeper facial lines
Reduction in wrinkles
Great improvement in skin color and tone

  • 180 DAYS

Softening of deep wrinkles
Brightening of skin color
Smooth, continuous skin tone
Over-all lifting of facial expression

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Summary of Clinical Study Results


The global evaluation of the subjects at 2 months indicates an overall improvement in 80% of the subjects. In this group is a noticeable improvement in skin texture and skin tone, while all of the subjects improved in terms of skin color.

Macroscopic examination of the skin shows a smaller pore size and a more even skin texture.

Facial lines and skin folds were reduced in both the number and size starting as early as the second month and becoming more marked by the fourth month. The lines about the eyes and the corners of the mouth were noticeably reduced.

Skin elasticity improved in most subjects. This could be seen as a reduction in sagging of the facial skin at the lower border of the mandible. Overall improvement in skin tone was noticed at about four months and continued to improve until the end of the study.

Pigmented spots were seen to fade after two months of product use and continued to fade over the course of the study.

Subjects state that one major advantage of the AGERA system was how easy the system was to use.

Clinical Data

Time and Improvements/Comments

  • The Agera system is an effective skin care program when used as directed to improve the appearance of the skin.
  • The Agera system improves the texture and tone of the skin when used for at least two months.
  • The Agera system improves elasticity of the skin.
  • The Agera system reduces facial lines and wrinkles.
  • The Agera system improves skin color.
  • The Agera system when used as directed promotes a younger looking and younger feeling skin.

Study Performed By:

Peter T. Pugliese