These treatments can be added on to any other treatments you receive – simply ask your therapist.

Eye Opener Treatment (30 minutes - $55)

An eye brightening therapy using collagen eye pads to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and contouring masque to decrease dark circles and puffiness.

Eye Contour Treatment (25 minutes - $35)

Contours ocular muscles. The eye area is exfoliated with a gommage then a cooling mask is applied because it has a constriction effect to minimize puffiness. There is a healing property encapsulated in the mask that seals in the treatment with digital pressure. This treatment is good for puffiness, lapse in elasticity and preventative care.

Scalp Massage (15 minutes - $25)

Relax results of masteron steroid and de-stress with this quick fix. Your skilled therapist will use pressure point massage to melt away tension. 15 minutes of pure bliss, with or without relaxing essential oils.

Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment (15 minutes - $15/20)

Dry, abused hands or feet are dipped in heated paraffin wax to help hydrate . Then they are covered in heated mitts or booties to lock in moisture. You are left with baby soft skin!

Pedi-Polish (30 minutes - $45)

Feet and legs are exfoliated with a peppermint sugar scrub. Then feet are booted and kept warm with aromatic cotton linens for 10-15 minutes, after which they are removed with aromatic warm towels. Feet are then massaged to relieve any ache and tension. Then paraffin dipped and emerges refreshed! Your feet with be left soft, a feather light!

Hand Treatment (30 minutes - $55)

Your hands will be gently exfoliated with an aromatic scrub to slough off dry skin, then massaged with an anti-aging hand cream to soften the skin. A warm paraffin dip seals in the moisture, and finally an application of sunscreen helps to prevent sun damage.

Hand Peel Treatment (30 minutes - $55)

To reverse aging signs, age spots and improve suppleness and restore youthfulness. It is said that you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands – our hands are equally exposed to the sun damage effects as our face and should demand equal attention and care. Hands may be prepped with enzyme peels before an actual chemical peel. 4 to 6 series are recommend to optimize results.