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Aromatherapy Massage

This classic Swedish massage combined with our signature chocolate scented massage oil is guaranteed to please your senses. You may choose from an array of different oils for this treatment.

60 minutes – $190.00

Couples Massage

Our couples massage is great when you wish to experience your massage with a friend or loved one. Two of our talented therapists will work on you simultaneously in our luxurious couples suite. This is a wonderful bonding experience and a great way for two to share in the joy of a massage.

60 minutes – $300.00 for two persons

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage is for working out knotted muscles and sore areas. The therapist uses trigger point massage to relax your muscles and work through your tension. This is a great massage if you like a more intense and therapeutic touch.

60 minutes – $150.00

Hot Stone Massage

Our Hot Stone massage is nothing less than amazing. Our clients love this massage and say that after Hot Stone, they can never go back to regular massage. The therapist will use heated smooth river stones to radiate heat into muscles and loosen them up for massage. This massage is invigorating as well as relaxing and has many health benefits, such as improving circulation and reducing strain on the heart. When people leave the room after this massage, they look like they have been to heaven and back!

60 minutes – $190.00

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage

Our Pre-Natal massage is one of our specialties. We use special pillows to prop up the expectant mother and eliminate any strain on the belly. Massage during pregnancy is said to help strengthen the mother/child bond and is great because it relaxes two people at once. Our therapist will pay close attention to the areas of the body that are strained during pregnancy.

60 minutes – $160.00

Rainey Day Massage

Our Rainey Day massage is a very soothing and relaxing massage. The therapist uses long, gliding strokes to ease muscle tension and put you in a state of bliss. You will also sleep like a baby the night after your massage. It’s amazing.

60 minutes – $140.00