Are you hesitant to get out of the house, maybe even dread going to the grocery store, because your face is developing dark spots? Vickmay Skin and Body Spa in Austin knows that there are several different causes for dark spots on the skin. You may find your skin changes color with overexposure to the sun, pregnancy, age, hormonal imbalance, the use of some medications, vitamin deficiencies, excess melanin, or even lack of sleep and high stress levels. Even though sometimes these dark spots are a completely natural occurrence, they can still lead to reduced self-confidence, lower self-esteem and embarrassment, which results in a reluctance to be seen in public.

We have some good news for you! Most of these dark spots can easily be treated and minimized, so that will your skin looks blended and smooth again. Now there is no reason to let these dark spots hinder your life experiences. Stop in today for a consultation and get ready to see results.